Review: Tonya Ross

Tonya Ross

My son has been training at MMA now for a couple years and I would DEFINITELY recommend Sensei Mark and the whole MMA group as a phenomenal Karate, self defense, martial arts training and really- LIFE TRAINING for my child. I really think Sensei Mark's motto "A Dream is a Goal With a Deadline" speaks to the nurturing environment of MMA. It is SO much more than just karate and physicality. The instructors are truly mentors that are helping to shape the mind and emotional health of the students. My son has(and continues to) learn respect, commitment, courage, self discipline, and so much more! When I first enrolled my son here at MMA, he was being bullied at school. I will never forget how Sensei Courtney met with him one on one after training one day spending time listening and giving my son the strength, wisdom, knowledge, and mostly just a real sense of personal empowerment to help him overcome the situation. AND THEN - he also went out of his way to follow up with us to make sure the situation was being resolved. The commitment of Sensei Courtney and ALL the instructors here is amazing and I feel very lucky that my son is growing, training, and learning here. I definitely recommend MMA to anyone with children(young or old) and adults as well!! Sensei Mark Cameron and Manteca Martial Arts is definitely the best place train - not just your physical self but your mental self as well! Give them a shout out today! I hear they have a free trial deal!***That is how I started my son- he didn't think he would like it at first. now a couple years later and a confident blue belt starting junior high, he is striving for his black belt with pure determination!***

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