MANTECA MARTIAL ARTS Requirements for Yellow Belt / EIGHT POINT BLOCKING SYSTEM 1. Right hand outward block. 2. Left hand outward block. 3. Right hand inward block. 4. Left hand inward block. 5. Right hand rising block. 6. Left hand rising block. 7. Right hand downward block. 8. Left hand downward block. / SEVEN HAND Read More

This weeks mat chat will be about resting and the importance of eating a nutritious breakfast, as well as rehydrating our bodies first thing in the morning. MATT CHAT : Sleep – 8 – 12 Hours Per Night MINIMUM / Exercise – Martial Arts or other sports programs Nutrition – Breakfast is brain food / Read More

What an exciting month it has been at Manteca Martial Arts. For the month of October we saw fantastic growth in our attendance.  Old students returning and new students excited to get started on their martial arts journey. So much so, that we where able to open additional classes.  As we continue to adhere to Read More

Good Evening, The weapon for November will be the Jo, if you need to order please go to the link provided to purchase.  Not sure what size? The rule of thumb is to be 3-5 inches taller than student. Sensei Mark Sensei Mark has been studying the Martial Arts for 45 years and teaching Read More